Tibetan Marches

Tibetan Marches
Author: André Migot
Pages: 288
Genre: Travel
Goodreads Rating: 3.71
Published: 1957 by Penguin

PRE-ISBN Translated from the French. 16 b/w photographs. This is a record of one individual's journey from Kunming (Yunnanfu) to Tangar(and the great lake of Kokonor); and eventually onto Peking (Beijing) via Chengtu, Kangting, Kantze, Derge, Jyekundo , by way of an unsuccessful attempt to reach Lhasa. The purpose of his journey was to apply his skills of observation, and physical endurance to bear on researching archaeological and other aspects of the Buddhist religion. It seems need to say that his fluency in the Tibetan language, and personal leanings towards mysticism, were significant assets. In Peter Fleming's words; "The end result is an intimate and detailed portrait of a society outwardly primitive and outlandish but based on values and traditions from which the West has much to learn."