The Bill the Cat Story: A Bloom County Epic

The Bill the Cat Story: A Bloom County Epic
Author: Berkeley Breathed
Language English
Pages: 40
ISBN10: 0399546626
Genre: Childrens
Goodreads Rating: 4.22
ISBN13: 9780399546624
Published: September 13th 2016 by Philomel Books

The Bill the Cat Story: A Bloom County Epic for Ages 4-33 and 36-89 Almost thirty-five years ago Berkeley Breathed launched a little-known comic strip called "Bloom County" that was full of characters who instantly entered the public consciousness--none more so than Opus (the penguin) and Bill the Cat. Bloom County's popularity soared, it was soon syndicated nationally, had millions of daily readers, and before long its creator was awarded a Pulitzer Prize. Then, nine years later, "Bloom County" sadly came to a close. It had simply ceased being fun for Berkeley Breathed. Now, more than twenty-five years after it ended, "Bloom County" has returned in full force online, with an ever-growing fanbase every bit as zealous as it was in the strip's heyday. For the comic's youngest fans, and for those who never stopped wishing for its return, here is an all-new, kid-friendly story for anyone who ever wanted to know the origin story of Bill the Cat.

"Bloom County" has never been more fun!