The Mary Dear

The Mary Dear
Author: Alfredo de Gallegos
Language English
Pages: 0
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: July 7th 2010 by Caffeine Nights Publishing

The Mary Dear is the debut novel from Alfredo do Gallegos. The novel is an intrigue filled adventure thriller, set in Costa Rica, London and the United States. It is 1951 and a storm is raging in Guayaquil when Edward Hannah boards a plane on its way to Peru's capital, Lima and so begins a tale of pirates, treasure islands, looted Nazi gold, terrorists and KGB assassins. Hannah is Joseph Keating's best friend who dies in Austria at the end of WWII as a result of a mysterious car accident leaving him with a treasure map and an enigmatic black notebook that belonged to a U-Boat commander. At the start of the New Millennium Elliott Shepherd, a journalist and adventurer, finds himself in possession of the map and the notebook and sets off to find the treasure. In London he meets Natalia, a beautiful Chechnyan art dealer who is involved with Esteban Blanco, a Colombian drugs baron. Elliott Shepherd is dragged down into an underworld that he is not prepared for where the risks of death are high but where the pay-off is a king's ransom.