Black Ops Heroes of Afghanistan: Vengeance

Black Ops Heroes of Afghanistan: Vengeance
Author: Eric Meyer
Language English
Pages: 223
Genre: Uncategorized
Series Black Ops: Heroes of Afghanistan
Goodreads Rating: 4.03
Published: June 11th 2015 by Swordworks

Rafe Stoner, a former Navy SEAL, leads a cruel existence as a gun for hire in Afghanistan. After the brutal killing of his fiancée he vowed a brutal revenge. A revenge that littered the landscape with the bodies of those responsible. Now he learns his work is not over.

A wealthy, young Afghan woman holds the key to the identity of the Taliban commander who ordered the murder. Stoner sets out with his ally Greg Blum to hunt down the last of the guilty men. The quest takes them to a remote, hilltop city. They find the girl they seek, besieged by brutal Islamists attempting to seize her fortune. Stoner has to put aside the mission in order to protect her from the Mullahs and Imams who would rob and kill her. As a result he and Blum are dragged into a bloody struggle that is a microcosm of the entire country. A nation where religion, politics and the drug trade have spiraled out of control in a cycle of end violence. Revenge has to take a back seat when the survival of those around him hangs by a slender thread. This is an incredible story of an impossible and bitter fight to punish the guilty. A fight to defend an innocent woman in a city where justice comes in the shape of a 7.62mm bullet. Black-Ops: Heroes of Afghanistan II is by the bestselling author of many Special Ops novels. These include the popular SEAL Team Bravo stories, the Raider series, Echo Six, and a number of Devil's Guard titles.