The Fifth Seed

The Fifth Seed
Author: John Sheehan
Pages: 576
ISBN10: 1481779605
Genre: Book Club
Goodreads Rating: 3.84
ISBN13: 9781481779609
Published: August 30th 2013 by Authorhouse

Deep in the heart of Minnesota's north woods, a remarkable young woman by the name of Anna Jenkins flees from an obscure treatment center with a dark, foreboding secret. Institutionalized there, for most of her young life, Anna and the three other escapees, possess an extraordinary intellect with the ability to glimpse spectral visions of a not so distant future. And as the group begins a deadly game of hide and seek, stretching from the urban confines of Minneapolis to the verdant landscape of France's Loire valley, each tries desperately to recapture their lost lives, while staying one step ahead of the man who doesn't want them back...he wants them dead. Now, the hopes of the fugitives lie helply entangled in the hands of a frustrated ex-federal agent Grady Hamilton, who discovers old co-workers have their own agenda in the deadly game. Yet, through the ever-growing bond between he and Anna, Grady somehow begins to rebuild the pieces of his shattered past. And as they work hand in hand to expose a plot that could alter the face of humanity, Grady will find out there is another who covets Anna. Known only as The Fifth Seed, this young savant will stop at nothing to destroy him, and reclaim what he believes is rightfully his.