Broken Together

Broken Together
Author: BethAnn Buehler
Language English
Genre: Uncategorized
Series Rebel Canyon
Goodreads Rating: 3.54
Published: November 7th 2010 by Amazon Digital Services

-out of print- It's not about surviving... When renowned photojournalist Bryn Baxter’s world is nearly destroyed by a mortar attack as she films a documentary in the middle of the Afghan war, her father brings his only child home and smothers her with around the clock protection in the form of a handsome private security escort. But Beck Reynolds would rather eat dirt than protect another “lost soul”, especially the daughter of his former Commander.

Not only does the assignment put a kink in his evening playtime, but despite his every effort, the woman he’s charged to protect hasn’t said a word to him for nearly a month. It's about how you rebuild... As Bryn tries to reclaim her life, she throws herself into the dark world of Dominance and submission. A world where, unbeknownst to Bryn, Beck is already an accomplished Master. While Bryn attempts to explore her own sexuality, Beck is forced to save her from one dreadful situation after another, his desire to own Bryn, body, mind and soul growing stronger each day. Little does he know, however, that he’s stirring a hunger in Bryn that she’s denied herself for far too long. With a soft touch and a wicked approach, Beck is determined to teach Bryn the pleasures of his secret world. But can he save her from herself?