When your heart trembles: Stories of women and natural disasters

When your heart trembles: Stories of women and natural disasters
Author: Ilaria Grasso
Language English
Pages: 39
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: December 31st 2016

Five women from five different generations, five ways to live the life, lives united by loneliness and pain that is expressed, for each one, in a different way: in the background there is the earth trembling, the earth mother and stepmother, and that puts everything into discussion, while the music, the universal language, unites and comforts them, when everything flows and leaves inside the sign. The first is Teresa, who has just passed the age of forty years, she still lives with her parents, has a precarious job and a thousand insecurities, probably incapable of love, eschews any situation that might endanger her, emotionally, and prefers the comfort of her seniors patients at the medical clinic where she is secretary. Antonia, thirty years old, has survived after the earthquake in L'Aquila, the city where she was studying when she was at the university, now she works in a big shopping center and she feels all the weight of her loneliness in a city that is completely new for her, and then she finds solace only in her job and in her memories . Elisa, twenty years old, dreams to become a writer, now that she has defeated anorexia and her inner ghosts, begins to live again with the help of a friend who is an editor who helps her to realize her greatest aspiration. Julia, on the threshold of the age of sixty years, look out for the eighties with a new awareness, after half century of uncertainty and indecision, and submission, comforted only by the memory of a clandestine love that has redeemed her. Elena, fifty years old, is a female doctor, and has given up everything for her work, including the dream always intimately grown to become mother, finds in the work her true reason to live.