World by Storm

World by Storm
Author: Michael Angliss
Language English
Pages: 415
Genre: Spy Thriller
Series Retimer
Goodreads Rating: 4.50
Published: August 27th 2014 by Michael Angliss

In World War II, the Führer of Germany, Adolf Hitler, does not die inside his Führerbunker near the end of war in Europe, for he escapes eventually to his other, secret bunker, the Führerhafenbunker with—to the free world—a terrifying World Scorched Earth Policy (WSEP) ready and in place… What he has thus set for the world is what is to become known everywhere as the ‘Astra threat’… For all Hitler and his Astra’s direfulness however, Vernon Phillips is the best secret agent of counterespionage branch MI6 of the British Secret Service, and Phillips calls upon his enemies—those who are members of the world’s Astra terror network—one by one… But can Phillips kill among them, finally, the Führer, before there can be the Führer’s destruction of the world?