The Cat Came Back (9 Lives Cozy Mystery #1)

The Cat Came Back (9 Lives Cozy Mystery #1)
Author: Louise Clark
Language English
Pages: 304
Genre: Mystery
Goodreads Rating: 4.25
Published: June 9th 2016 by ePublishing Works!

Stormy the Cat, rescued by journalist Quinn Armstrong, is not what he seems. Young mother, Christy Jamieson, just learned her husband, Frank, embezzled his trust fund, sold their Vancouver mansion, and ran off with a socialite. Worse, Frank's trustees are telling Christy to let them handle it. But they aren't doing anything, and Frank's enemies are coming after her and her daughter. Desperate to find Frank and fend off his enemies, Christy asks Quinn for help. His price: the dirt on Frank.

But the closer Christy and Quinn get to the dangerous truth, the more convinced they become that the only one who knows where Frank is at, is Stormy the Cat. THE 9 LIVES COZY MYSTERY SERIES, in order The Cat Came Back The Cat's Paw ABOUT LOUISE CLARK Louise Clark is the author of cozy mysteries, and contemporary and historical romance novels. She holds BA in History from Queen's University.