Cupcakes For Breakfast

Cupcakes For Breakfast
Author: Su-Ny' Kluckow
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: June 22nd 2016 by Smashwords Edition

The two little words “The Scale” is enough to send most men and women running for the hills and the truth is that when we weigh ourselves, we often do it in hopes of obtaining that magical number of perfection that exists in our heads. Sometimes, we become a slave to that number – I was a slave until God redeemed me and showed me how I have made an idol of what physical perfection is and how to dethrone it. Su-Ny' shares insight and encouragement for anyone fighting the ugly monster of not being at peace with who they are because if we find our identity in the scales of this world, we become either heavy with pride or crushed with the weight of our inadequacies. The truth is that our true identity is discovered through the lens of God’s Word. Living out of this acceptance changes our attitude about our bodies. And living out of God’s acceptance keeps us from living for the acceptance of others.

We should approach the world as confident men and women. We’re well-loved by a great God. We are His Masterpiece – His best work. We are perfectly made in the image of the King Almighty. To every man and woman that has ever been unhappy with the way they look – I pray that God will lead you to and through this book. I pray that God will lay the foundations in your heart so that whilst you are reading this book, He will bring you the same revelations and healing that He has done for me. I pray that God helps you to accept yourself for who and what you are and to know and believe that you are perfect in God’s Eyes. I pray that you see yourself the way our Abba Father sees you - the perfect version of you.