Haunted Lily: The Nightmare Ball

Haunted Lily: The Nightmare Ball
Author: Sidney Fox
Language English
Pages: 324
ISBN10: 059548767X
Genre: Horror
Goodreads Rating: 3.79
ISBN13: 9780595487677
Published: March 28th 2008 by iUniverse

Reality is shattered for British filmmaker, Darby McGregor, when his beautiful fiancee is tragically killed on their wedding day. After a dark time of mourning, Darby is tormented by a horrifying phantom bride in the eighteenth-century church he recently renovated.

Is this the spirit of his beloved fiancee or something more sinister? Darby's sanity is in question, when fate steps in.

Her name is Lily, an enchanted young woman, who vibrantly shines through the darkness like a beacon of light for lost souls. Lily has been surrounded by the dearly departed since she was born, and has the gift/curse to penetrate the shadowy veil separating the living and the dead. Feeling an immediate connection, Lily agrees to be the subject of Darby's new documentary.

However, Darby and his unsuspecting crew are not prepared for this chilling journey through the "spirit world." As they spend time together, their bond grows. And when Darby learns of Lily's tragic upbringing and dealings with dangerous apparitions; he wants nothing more than to protect her. But it turns out he is the one in need of protection, when Lily's horrifying childhood nemesis returns from the afterworld to claim her. Ghosts, thrills, and chills drive the action in "Haunted Lily," a tale sure to scare."