Author: L.V. Lloyd
Language English
Pages: 127
Genre: Science Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.45
Published: March 16th 2015

Undercover agent Liam Connell stared at his captor. He looked like a pirate from a holovid-- black trousers, a white, puffy-sleeved shirt, and a purple sash wrapped jauntily around his waist. Wavy black hair fell to his shoulders and ... Connell couldn't believe it. He actually had gold hoops hanging from his ears. The pirate ran his forefinger lightly down Connell's cheek and smiled. "Mmm! Mmmm! What do we have here?" Just what had Connell gotten himself into? (M/M Romantic Sci-Fi) The Second Edition, with an extra chapter, is now available. 12th June 2015.