Hearts at Risk

Hearts at Risk
Author: Libby Hall
Language English
Pages: 0
ISBN10: 0373163738
Genre: Uncategorized
Series A Century of American Romance\Dreams
Goodreads Rating: 3.00
ISBN13: 9780373163731
Published: December 15th 1990 by Harlequin

A CENTURY OF AMERICAN ROMANCE 1890s--1990s Reporting for an underground newspaper, Jennifer Wright champions counterculture causes--and fears love's dangers. Test pilot Lij Branigan explores the limits of speed and performance in experimental jets--and struggles with his own private demons.

And on the day man takes his first steps on the moon, the antiestablishment journalist and the fear top gun enter an unknown. World--one that mingles age-old desire and space-age conflict. Courageous and committed, Lij and Jennifer are part of the changes shaping America's headiest decade. But now they learn firsthand that the hardest changes to make are those made within.

A CENTURY OF AMERICAN ROMANCE The women ... the men ... the passions ... the memories.