Tessa's Dilemma

Tessa's Dilemma
Author: Tessa Wanton
Language English
Pages: 101
Genre: Erotica
Goodreads Rating: 4.69
Published: July 1st 2012 by Naughty Night Press

Tessa’s Dilemma, the second book in the ‘Tess Series’, opens with Tessa reflecting over her first training experiences. She has her Master, she knows she needs this in her life, but there is one huge problem. Master is married. Tessa meets a wonderful man from the vanilla world and despite knowing in her heart that she belongs where she is, she has truly come to wonder what other options she has for this new relationship. Does having a Master necessarily mean that she can’t have a boyfriend in the vanilla world? Can she possibly keep her BDSM life separate from her vanilla life?These decisions weigh heavily on Tessa and to complicate matters even more, at the very point she believes she knows what she must do, Master ups the stakes. Warning: Tessa’s Dilemma plays heavily on the mental aspects of BDSM.

The romance is intense, the scenes passionate and indicative of a true D/s relationship. - The story reveals the conflict of a true submissive who tries to work through the unusual reality of wanting both a Master and a vanilla relationship. Tessa’s Dilemma is almost heartbreaking. - Mason Mallory, Hamilton Spectator