Braveheart: From Hollywood to Holyrood

Braveheart: From Hollywood to Holyrood
Author: Lin Anderson
Language English
Pages: 153
ISBN10: 1842820664
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.56
ISBN13: 9781842820667
Published: March 1st 2006 by Luath Press Limited

Braveheart reached a global audience with its powerful re-telling of the almost forgotten story of William Wallace and his struggle to defend Scotland's freedom. Described as "the most politically influential movie of the 20th century", it also had a part to play in the political change that swept Scotland, mobilising public opinion to aid the return of a Scottish Parliament after a gap of 300 years. Braveheart: From Hollywood to Holyrood is the first book about this movie phenomenon, discussing the life and legacy of William Wallace through the modern image of the hero as presented in the film. Written with the co-operation of Randall Wallace, author of the screenplay and novelisation of Braveheart, and including never before published photographs, this is the long-awaited handbook for Braveheart fans around the world.