My Strong Bear (Mate Protectors Book 1)

My Strong Bear (Mate Protectors Book 1)
Author: Amri Ackers
Language English
Pages: 34
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.83
Published: June 10th 2015 by Heat Bound Publishing

I wrap my arm around Tara's waist and pull her closer to me. "This is Tara, she is my mate. She is not an economic convenience.

She's not a business transaction. She's a witch, and she belongs to me." Alexander was not supposed to claim Tara as his mate, but from the moment he saw her he had to claim her. Tara tried to keep her hybrid-witch nature a secret, but on the run and with nowhere to hide, a strange protector she can't resist is there.

And why should she want to resist him when he stirs desires in her that make her ready to beg to give her first time to the bear shifter?