The Taming of a Wild Child

The Taming of a Wild Child
Author: Kimberly Lang
Language English
Pages: 224
ISBN10: 0373207050
Genre: Romance
Series LaBlanc Sisters
Goodreads Rating: 3.72
ISBN13: 9780373207053
Published: March 2013 by Harlequin Books

Waking up in a stranger's bed is not how socialite Lorelei LaBlanc planned on spending the morning after the night before.From now on…: A) No more secret hookups with Donovan St. James—he's the last man on earth she'd want to share a room with, never mind a king-size bed. B) Maintain a professional persona at all times.

After all, he's a hard-hitting journalist who's always on the lookout for the latest scoop …and she's perfect tabloid fodder. C) Keep friends close but enemies closer. Donovan may look like the ultimate poster boy but his intentions are anything but PG rated….