One More Customer

One More Customer
Author: Scott Miller
Language English
Pages: 138
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: November 1st 2011

One More Customer brings you 10 critical business ons all revolving around a central theme: there is no silver bullet in business. Success comes from constant effort, constant learning, constant improvement—not a quest for a magic formula that will guarantee success. America is a country of entrepreneurs. But small businesses and sole proprietorships often find the deck is stacked against them, loaded with competitors, creditors, the government, and their own mistakes. And in a tough economic environment, you don’t get a chance to make many mistakes and still survive. Sure enough, the vast majority of startups fail to make it just one year. So how is an entrepreneur to not only survive, but thrive? And what can help the survival rates of small businesses and sole proprietorships to climb higher and higher? What will give you, the small business owner, the best possible chance to succeed? Fran Tarkenton and Scott Miller break down the most important ons that will help small businesses in One More Customer. Fran and Scott are successful entrepreneurs and small business owners with decades of experience starting and running dozens of businesses in a wide range of industries. At every step along the way, success or failure, they’ve learned critical ons that they’ve used to continually improve. One More Customer puts together the ons Fran and Scott have learned, and the principles they live and do business by. The purpose of this book is to provide small business entrepreneurs with the information, resources, and inspiration they need to achieve long-term success. Fran and Scott are passionate about small business based on their own experiences and their belief that small business represents the future of the American economy. These are foundational principles for any small business, no matter who you are, what you do, or where you do business.