BlackAcre, Volume One: An Errand Into the Wilderness

BlackAcre, Volume One: An Errand Into the Wilderness
Author: Wendell Cavalcanti
Language English
Pages: 124
ISBN10: 1607067366
Genre: Sequential Art
Goodreads Rating: 3.47
ISBN13: 9781607067368
Published: May 14th 2013 by Image Comics

WELCOME TO THE AMERICAN DARK AGE. The country has collapsed.

Only the stronghold of BlackAcre remains. Conceived by the robber-barons of the 21st century, this opulent city-state is the last bastion of stability in a world ablaze with chaos and strife. Hull, an elite warrior from the city's neo-Spartan military class, has devoted his life to defending the borders of his homeland. And now that one of his comrades has gone missing during a clandestine mission into hostile territory, Hull himself must venture out beyond the wall...

into the brutal and law frontier known as the Hinterlands.

But when the mission goes violently off the rails, Hull is left with more questions than answers: What went wrong? Who is really in charge? And is there anyone - anywhere - he can trust? -The key to creating a great story about the future isn't in making it seem possible, but probable. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to a little tale called Blackacre.- - Jonathan Hickman -Blackacre is the perfect new comic for our times. Like some bizarre cross between Mad Max and Judge Dredd that I can't wait to read more of.- - Ed Brubaker -An amazing new book from an amazing new writer. This book rules.- - Matt Fraction -Exceptional... One of the better comics Image is putting out.- - Bloody Disgusting -A great debut...Highly recommended!- - Comics & Gaming Magazine