The Memoirs of Lottie Hill

The Memoirs of Lottie Hill
Author: Meredith Kennon
Language English
Pages: 267
Genre: Did Not Finish
Goodreads Rating: 4.20
Published: February 18th 2014

An American by birth, Erica Sinclair has barely found her feet after a trying first year in England, but believes she is finally fitting in. She awakes one morning, happy to be in love and full of expectation for her first real writing assignment for the London magazine for which she works.

Within hours, her world has crumbled, and she finds herself the unwanted guest at Cairnview, the country home of a one-hundred-year old woman in Stirling, Scotland. Friend and far from home, Erica is painfully aware that the woman's grandson from Newcastle is there for the express purpose of getting her removed from the house, and that's before even meeting Lottie Hill, the redoubtable centenarian. Exhausted and ill and believing herself very much alone, Erica disconnects for a few days, not knowing that all is not completely lost. She has yet to learn that true friends can be found in new friends and that there is much perspective to be gained by hearing the life story of one, who has not only survived almost everyone she has ever loved, but also two of the darkest periods in the history of the world. Lottie Hill has a story to tell.