Anti-Aging - Natural Ways to a Better You

Anti-Aging - Natural Ways to a Better You
Author: Lambert Klein
Language English
Pages: 78
Genre: Health
Goodreads Rating: 2.67
Published: November 11th 2010

NOTE: The Price of this Book will Increase Soon! Anti Aging for Baby Boomers And Anyone Else Who Wants to Look and Feel Younger. .

.Naturally As a generation, baby boomers are enjoying longer lives. .

.but are the extra years as good as they could be? Slowly, the stresses of life become excuses for lack of exercise, poor diet, and unhealthy habits. Before you know it, you put on a few extra pounds, are diagnosed with high blood pressure, or have no energy.

If that sounds too familiar, read on. Turn Back the Clock Of course, you can’t BE twenty-one again, but it IS possible to feel like it. Author Lambert Klein found his way out of depression and poor health with the use of natural supplements and remedies. Eight years later, he shares the research and discoveries of his journey in “Anti Aging for Baby Boomers.” “Anti Aging” Summarizes Simple Changes With BIG Results Did you know there is an item that most people consume every day that actually makes them dumb? Or that there are at least 17 foods that can improve your thinking and mood? That’s just a taste of what is included in “Anti Aging.” Also Discover Natural Solutions For: •Reversing Memory Loss •Boosting the immune system •Keeping Your Brain Sharp •Relaxation •Relieving Anxiety . . .and more Are YOU Ready to Start Living Better Again? Grab your copy of “Anti Aging for Baby Boomers” ORDER NOW and receive a Special Bonus “17 Brain Foods” Order today and you will also receive “17 Brain Foods,” a short report on the top foods for brain health. =========== The tip on page 26 about sugar is worth the whole cost of the eBook on its own. Today we are all living longer, but we need to be able to give our lives the best quality time we can, life is not about breathing and existing. We owe it to ourselves to make the most of our life.

As a baby boomer I understood only too well that I will never be twenty one again but I want to approach aging as healthily as I can. We have all worked and given the kids a better life and now is our time to get the best out of our time. As a psychologist I understand the benefits of being as healthy as possible in mind and body at any age. This eBook “Anti Aging for Baby Boomers” does not pull any punches it does not wave a magic wand and get rid of all the aches and pains, but it does illustrate that small changes make a huge difference. The tip on page 26 about sugar is worth the whole cost of the eBook on its own. If you want sensible down to earth advice that can literally change your life then this is the way to go. Catherine Randall