Spanking, Scottish Style: Two Book Set

Spanking, Scottish Style: Two Book Set
Author: Monica Vale
Language English
Pages: 129
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.67
Published: April 6th 2015 by Blushing Books Publications

A Scandal in Scotland James Cameron has seen better days. Looking around his run-down castle, he knows that his only chance to restore his family is by fighting for the Bonnie Prince, who has returned to Scotland. They lost everything after the 1715 revolt, but he is hoping for better luck now. For this he needs a lot of money...and he knows of someone who has it.

Lady Celia Lavery is a very wealthy heiress who has come from England to visit her cousins. James goes to meet her at a dinner dance, but she does not seem to be interested in the Bonnie Prince or anything else. She does not even seem to care that marriage is completed on consummation...a law meant to protect women from rape, but often seems to have the opposite effect. She, in turn is fascinated, but feels safe. So he abducts and rapes her, then holds her prisoner, after explaining why he did it. She manages to smuggle out a message with her servant urging the Prince to free her. His royal highness responds in a startling urging her to consent, thus saving his cause from scandal. A Royal Scottish Spanking: Scotland is voting on independence...and a handsome, charming young Highlander has gotten on the ballot by claiming to be Bonnie Prince Charlie’s descendant. Now he is organizing his followers to crown him King of the new Scottish state. An outraged female reporter is hoping to expose him as a fake...

but he is all too likely to expose her bare bottom for some good sound spankings instead. Can they get together, to face a man who is descended from two of the world’s most vicious villains? And in the process, might she wind up solving one of the greatest mysteries of all time, on her way to true love...and the Scottish crown?