Katy Perry and Lady Gaga

Katy Perry and Lady Gaga
Author: Biography Series
Language English
Pages: 74
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: July 27th 2014 by Biography Series

Ever wondered how Katy Perry and Lady Gaga rose to stardom? Before she became the new queen of female-empowering pop anthems, Katy Perry began her career as a struggling singer-songwriter in the competitive world of the Hollywood music industry. A quick career reinvention transformed Katy Hudson into Katy Perry and launched a methodical and thorough domination of the music charts. As an outspoken and ostentatious pop sensation, Katy Perry swooped in to take the music industry by storm, setting sales and radio performance records with her upbeat and soaring pop choruses. The woman dubbed the New Queen of Pop burst onto the music scene in 2008, breaking sales records and taking the music world by storm. Lady Gaga’s music, steeped in artistic weirdness and big budget stage production, has proven to be both polarizing and enticing. Critics struggle to understand the real Lady Gaga, as the artist has spent the last several years crafting an intricate persona that many believe is a façade. For more interesting facts you must read the book. Grab your biography book now!