Incubus Master: Captured 2

Incubus Master: Captured 2
Author: Yamila Abraham
Pages: 21
Genre: Manga
Series Incubus Master: Captured
Goodreads Rating: 3.76

***Adult Content***The incubus Scor is becoming obsessed with his enchanting new mate, Jinady. On their second night together Jinady gets drunk leading to a unique session of uninhibited lovemaking. The only thing that can spoil Scor’s bliss is Figaru. Not only does he fear the powerful demon king’s threat to enslave him again, he’s worried that Figaru plans to take back his beloved Jinady. It doesn’t help that Figaru, Jinady, and the demon general Vandrel are having secret meetings about Scor behind his back. This episode includes a full view of the erotic full-color illustration obscured on the cover. All parts of Incubus Master: Captured provide a link to catch new readers up on what’s happened previously in the Incubus Master saga.