35 Great Recipes You Wish Your Mother Made

35 Great Recipes You Wish Your Mother Made
Author: Dan Alatorre
Language English
Pages: 84
Genre: Food and Drink
Goodreads Rating: 3.70
Published: May 19th 2014

From Our Families to Yours... We've put together 35 of our most amazing family favorites for you! Let me tell you a secret about making restaurant-quality recipes at home: some foods are meant to be enjoyed.

For once, forget those fancy diets and 'healthy' fasts. There is a new one every day. Allow us to help you discover sheer joy and unparalleled taste in old school family recipes. It's ALL in here, 35 of our BEST: ==> Quick and easy, tasty treats. ==> Elaborate fine dining recipes. ==> Oriental, French, Italian, Mexican and Latin American Favourites. ==> Simple healthy salsa, amazing meatballs, perfect pizza and unique family treasures, you'll fall in love with! ==> Kids' favourite Cakes and Cookies too! There's more to it than just recipes, there's golden, in-the-family instructions and price advice passed down to us and noted in this book carefully for you. "Use fresh ingredients and follow the recipe completely the first time you make it. Don’t rush. Experiment the second time." Simple, yet we tend to forget them. Our mothers knew, we needed these instructions. They somehow always know, don't they? Sip a glass of wine and enjoy cooking for your family while everybody gathers around the kitchen to chat and play like we did when we were kids. The reason our grandmas spent all day making food was because they got to spend the day with the entire family! And the reason we loved the food, was: It was made with love – that’s the Secret. So Go Ahead, BUY THIS BOOK. You'll be in the kitchen with friends. Enjoy the Pizza, Hot Wings, Grilled Crab and yes, the Love.. (Hint: Several Bonus Recipes included!)