Forever Together

Forever Together
Author: Lexy Timms
Pages: 296
Genre: Romance
Series A Chance at Forever
Goodreads Rating: 4.21
Published: August 31st 2017 by Dark Shadow Publishing

USA Today Bestselling author, Lexy Timms brings you a beautiful love story, packed with heat and romance, that will have you begging to fall in love with Dr. Layton. “There were no words. If she thought she’d loved him before, she discovered her heart had no boundaries after all.” The wedding of the century is being planned – and it would have been nice if anyone had thought to ask the Bride and Groom what they’d wanted. But Dr. Melissa Bell is so wrapped up in what’s happening with Doctor’s International now that the director is no longer part of the organization she just doesn’t have the energy to say no to anything. Especially Brant Layton’s mother, Hollywood legend Linda Phelps. It’s not like Brant is any help. He’s been AWOL since his mother came back to LA and is too distracted to notice that his fiancé is floundering in a sea of social obligations. Oh sure, he trots out the tux on cue, and says all the right things, but something's wrong and he’s not talking. There seems to have been a communications breakdown. And with the big day fast approaching, Brant and Mel are more disconnected than ever. Is the honeymoon over, even before the nuptials are performed? A Chance at Forever Series Forever Perfect Forever Desired Forever Together Fans can continue the Medical Romance by reading: SAVING FOREVER parts 1-8