Destiny: Illusions: The Crime of Our Ancestors

Destiny: Illusions: The Crime of Our Ancestors
Author: Daniel Rafferty
Language English
Pages: 266
Genre: Science Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 4.27
Published: January 22nd 2014 by Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

The Destiny series begins in the very near future with Earth slowly developing into a Utopian society. Hunger, war and disease have all but been eradicated, as has the scourge of global warming. Humanity has befriended another civilization – The Peridian Empire. While more advanced that humanity, both are able to share their specialties in different areas and lay the foundation for a strong future and friendship. However, when Federation Admiral John Henderson receives a frantic communique one evening from his most trusted agent on the Peridian home world, he fears the worst. Not wanting to trust the insecure line, the agent informs Henderson he is racing back to Earth with vital information critical to the safety of the planet, but never arrives home. Fearing the agent has been captured, or worse, Henderson dispatches the Federation’s latest and most advanced star-ship under the command of Captain Scott Johnston for a rescues mission. During this mission, Johnston and his crew discover something that will change humanity, and possibility the galaxy, forever. Will Earth prevail against overwhelming odds and superior enemy forces? Will the truth come out in the end to answer the real mystery? Who’s really behind this war of the galaxies? You’ll have to read on to find what this world is coming to, but also be prepared to beam yourself to another dimension if things don’t work out as planned!