Seven Eight Play It Straight

Seven Eight Play It Straight
Author: E.J. Lamprey
Language English
Pages: 211
Genre: Mystery
Series Grasshopper Lawns
Goodreads Rating: 4.20
Published: April 1st 2014

The fourth book, Seven Eight Play It Straight, is set against the Edinburgh Festival—the final scenes are pure Festival extravaganza. It’s fun, the alert reader will spot the murderer in time to appreciate the danger, there are a couple of complicated relationships resolving themselves in the background, and there’s a definite touch of masquerade before all is brought to a satisfactory conclusion. The series heart is the Grasshopper Lawns retirement village, some twenty miles north of Edinburgh, but think Jessica Fletcher rather than Miss Marple; the residents are in their late fifties and upwards, lively, opinionated, charming or even annoying. Central to the fourth book is the interaction between Edge Cameron and her hostile stepdaughter Fiona Bentwood, actress in a successful Fringe show, who temporarily put aside their antagonism when murder strikes alarmingly close to home. If you fancy whodunits with engaging characters, gentle humour, classic armchair detection, and a touch of Scotland, you will love the series. The books don’t have to be read in order, although it helps the red herrings if they are; two beta readers recruited for the fourth novella have since bought the omnibus of the first three and thoroughly enjoyed the occasional in-joke of knowing how certain events would pan out in the future.