Paradise Lost: A Humorous Romantic Mystery

Paradise Lost: A Humorous Romantic Mystery
Author: Zanna Mackenzie
Pages: 252
Series Amber Reed Mystery
Goodreads Rating: 4.53
Published: July 11th 2017

Secrets, hurricanes and murder halt Amber's holiday plans on a Caribbean island paradise... Desperate for some rest and relaxation following her weeks of rigorous special agent boot camp training, Amber heads for the Caribbean for the wedding of Ennis (her old university boyfriend and now a movie heartthrob) and his fiancée Siobhan. The island paradise soon turns into a nightmare though when she reaches the Five Palms Resort to discover the resort’s yoga teacher to the stars has been murdered in the spa pavilion – and Siobhan, the bride-to-be, is a suspect.

Then a distraught Ennis and Siobhan find out their best man, the famous actor TJ Wilkinson, has gone missing at the airport, possibly kidnapped! It looks as though Amber’s chances of chilling out on holiday now are than zero. Begged by Ennis and Siobhan to track down the best man and to clear Siobhan’s name, Amber prepares to tackle her very first solo sleuthing mission but then she gets the surprise of her life when she finds out she has a very willing crime investigation partner staying right in the resort. With a hurricane lurking out to sea and threatening the island, an inept local police department eager to pin the murder on Siobhan and lots of mysterious goings-on all over the place, Amber’s soon battling to keep the wedding on track, crack the case and save the bride-to-be from spending her Big Day in jail! Join Amber as she gets sleuthing with a stunning backdrop of the Caribbean...