Author: Jennifer Hilary
Language English
Pages: 304
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.50
Published: July 31st 2013 by Firethorn Press

Cheerleaders, twirlers, band members and half the student body at Paco Rodriquez Middle School stampede in panic and horror as three aircraft drop out if the sky blocks from the school during an outdoor pep rally. The world as they knew it comes to a grinding, screaming halt.

Tender Branches follows students and staff members as they attempt to come to terms with what has happened, and most importantly, survive in a world where everything they have come to rely upon just disappears. Middle school is a difficult time on a good day. Add the apocalypse and things really get interesting. Starvation, disease and death just aren't supposed to be part of the experience. Follow Jumbo, Seth, Briley and the rest of the Paco Rodriquez Middle School community as they confront and explore what it means to survive together in their dark new world. Sorrow for what was lost is put off until another day, because today is about survival. The shadow of the reaper is ever present. Death used to be something you didn't think about until you were 80.

Now tomorrow is uncertain. The past is too painful to contemplate. But in the present, the community at Paco Rod has each other, and they use every minute, every resource, and every bit of human energy and resilience to survive.