The Secret Widow

The Secret Widow
Author: Sylvie Fox
Language English
Pages: 350
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 3.62
Published: July 2015 by Penner Publishing

Whoever said that time heals all wounds . . . lied. A decade after the death of her husband, Nari Yoon still mourns. On the ten-year anniversary of the worst day of her life, co-worker Lucas Tucker tries to save her from self destruction in a tropical paradise. But Nari doesn’t want salvation, she wants to keep her past buried. Nari wants to forget, but Lucas wants to remember . . . Tall and blond, Lucas always stood out in the short, brunette adoptive family.

Driven by his search for truth, he flies two thousand miles to the Hawaiian island where he was born, determined to find his birth parents. The truth may be more than he is ready for . . . . When Lucas forces Nari to confront her past, she tries to forgive herself. But once Lucas discovers the truth about Nari, can he move past judgment to love?