Forging Steel

Forging Steel
Author: Carmen Faye
Language English
Pages: 125
Genre: Romance
Series Steel Riders MC
Goodreads Rating: 3.64
Published: August 11th 2014 by E-Book Publishing World

Only one person has Hank's back, or does she? Hank has trusted the members of the Steel Riders with his life, but Derrick's death makes him wonder if the feelings were reciprocated. Cynthia has proven herself loyal to his cause, but he can't help wondering if it is doubt he sees creeping in her eyes. There is no turning back for Cynthia. Hank's innocence is all that matters to Cynthia. She cannot fight her feelings any longer and she will take whatever punishment that entails. She knows that a world without Hank, is no world she wants to live in. The truth must be told or all is lost. As Hank and Cynthia investigate Derrick's death, all clues point to someone else in the club. Now they must return to the Steel Riders and find a way to expose the true killer. But with vengeance on their mind, the club is not likely to hear anything they have to say.