Capital Misfits

Capital Misfits
Author: Julie Koh
Language English
Pages: 116
Genre: Literature
Goodreads Rating: 4.30
Published: November 2016 by Math Paper Press

A capsule collection of surreal short stories from one of Australia's rising stars. A woman arrives on the seventh level of Heaven, only to realise it is a trading floor where the dead swap their karma before rebirth. In a Sydney laboratory, a vagrant participates in cosmeceutical trials in return for a Rolex watch. On an island made out of sugar, a student questions the rule of the benevolent Sugar Daddy. At an open mic night in New York, a zen poet takes the stage and begins to tell the greatest, most devastating joke in the world. In this blackly funny parallel universe, Koh explores the absurdity of a world in which the market has become God. This special edition of Capital Misfits is illustrated by award-winning New York-based artist, Matt Huynh. — 'Julie Koh's stories explore the bizarre, the unexpected and the surreal, whilst never losing sight of the human.

Witty, horrifying and thought provoking by turns, Capital Misfits is a truly memorable collection from an original voice in Australian short fiction.' — Ryan O'Neill, author of The Weight of a Human Heart and Their Brilliant Careers 'I will beg, borrow or steal to make sure I read anything Julie writes.' — Louise Swinn, Editorial Director of Sleepers Publishing