Author: John S. Saul
Language English
Pages: 284
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 2.00
Published: January 21st 2013 by John Wright

'Seventeen' traces the daily lives of people in a small well-to-do English town with an ageing population a story with threads starting with a barking dog how to deal with it then there is the national obsession with war and the past, quite a story older age and loss animal life taking over; home improvements; skies and the weather of course there are people yearning to be seventeen from the start there's Geoff Jenson, who aims to do seventeen lengths in the local baths he rants Francesca, who is almost seventeen Abby is very elderly and has a friend Jennifer, who is concerned about the possible return of her one-time partner, Robert Geoff Jenson has a partner, Alison, who thinks the natural world is exacting or about to exact retribution on the human world Harvey works at an estate agents and comes closer to his colleague Miranda despite their differences there is always someone who may be someone you know, as this is a proper town with a lot of inhabitants, seventeen very prominent and Ronald Blyth; the creek men; the physiotherapist; a film star; Valente, Mia, Becky, Jack, Kitty, Roger, Shane thrown in and told anew is the tale of the important archaeological discovery of the Sutton Hoo ship and its treasures, two of which are Edith Pretty (owning the land, having travelled the world) and Basil Brown (making the find, having gone to work on his bike) only one person dies logically the rest are still alive now and always will be there are apparitions, sculptures, a raft, all based, as is the entire story of Seventeen, on real events The first chapter begins: Chapter A dog barks in the historic riverside town