Forever Evil: A Jack Barclay novel

Forever Evil: A Jack Barclay novel
Author: Harry Dunn
Language English
Pages: 192
Genre: Uncategorized
Series Jack Barclay Mystery
Goodreads Rating: 4.42
Published: September 24th 2015 by Caffeine Nights Publishing

London Private Investigator Jack Barclay is hired by Phillip Jordan to find his missing son Alex, who has recently been released from prison. Alex has been recruited by Jaymar - an international gang of hit men - and Jack finds himself embroiled in the murky world of vengeance, murder and erotic photography as he trawls the underbelly of London to find him.

Alex’s father has his own agenda for wanting his son found quickly and as he puts pressure on Jack to find him, Jaymar attack Jack’s girlfriend. As the mob turn up the heat, Jack realises it is only a matter of time before the brutal trail of murder and violence reaches his own door.