All Cat Wants for Christmas: Cats Talk to Santa

All Cat Wants for Christmas: Cats Talk to Santa
Author: Lizz Brady
Language English
Pages: 95
Genre: Holiday
Goodreads Rating: 3.86
Published: September 9th 2015 by MJF Books

All I want this Christmas is a laptop screen I can head-butt in peace.

Yours, Miss Marbles Cats definitely aren't shy when asking us to provide them with food, places to nap, and unlimited cuddles year-round; how many more requests could they possibly have for Santa? Enough to fill a book, as a matter of fact! Author and “cat-thropologist” Lizz Brady intercepted some North Pole-bound mail and even hid behind Christmas trees last Christmas Eve to conduct crucial field research. The result is this hilariously candid collection of letters and first person, whiskers-to-face interactions between cats and Kris Kringle. Presented with more than twenty sweet and playful drawings by Alisa Harris, All Cat Wants for Christmas is the purr-fect gift for every cat lover on your list