Battle Not With Monsters

Battle Not With Monsters
Author: Overton Scott
Language English
Pages: 360
ISBN10: 0615989551
Genre: Thriller
Goodreads Rating: 3.93
ISBN13: 9780615989556
Published: March 8th 2014 by Good Heart Press

Victim? Neen Ford is a loner, drifting from town to town, working as a security guard and teaching martial arts. One hot night in Dallas, she witnesses the brutal murder of a Ukrainian prostitute and becomes the killer’s next target. Neen’s never backed down from a fight, but she’s never tangled with a human trafficking ring before.

Until now. Hero? Naïve young women are being trafficked into the United States by Russian criminals. Someone needs to help them. The police are trying, but they’re not moving fast enough for Neen, who is now being stalked by a man who enjoys inflicting pain. Vigilante? How far will Neen go to save herself? How far, to save three young women from a life of fear and suffering? And what price will she pay for battling the monster? There’s a thin line between hero and vigilante – will she cross it?