Strings Attached

Strings Attached
Author: Tacie Graves
Language English
Pages: 63
Genre: Romance
Series Making Mina
Goodreads Rating: 3.55
Published: September 27th 2012 by Stump House Publishing

Mina Hemingway got her revenge and it was even sweeter than she’d dreamed. Marco Genovese was rich, ruth, and his Italian good looks made him the perfect weapon to strike back at her philandering ex-fiance.

Even more important was the fact that he actually seemed to want her! She knew that a night with him was probably playing with fire, but Mina figured… how much damage could a one night stand do? What looked like the perfect revenge in the heat of the night, though, looked absolutely insane in the harsh light of day. Marco Genovese was way too much man for her to handle, and staying around would only be asking for more heartache, so… Mina ran, leaving only a broken promise and an empty bed behind her. Marco Genovese never expected to be used and tossed aside. Now he’s plotting his own revenge, determined to make Mina sorry for running out on him. He intends to use every tool at his disposal to get Mina exactly where he wants her—back in his bed—even if he has to blackmail her to do it. Follow Mina and Marco through the erotic tale of their deepening romance--this 20K word novella is recommended for mature audiences only.