Jesus Vs. Jihad

Jesus Vs. Jihad
Author: Marvin Yakos
Language English
ISBN10: 0884198804
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.50
ISBN13: 9780884198802
Published: December 1st 2001 by Creation House

Being A Christian Makes You a Target!With one horrific attack, the world awoke to the peril rising from the spirit of fundamentalist Islam. Aside from military and economic confrontations, there is a much greater threat to our freedom. Jesus vs. Jihad penetrates to the very heart of this threat and examines the deep chasm between Christianity and Islam. The free world is suddenly faced with Islamic laws, customs, religious traditions and profound doctrines of "holy war" we do not fully understand. The world needs to understand--at the deepest level--the actual truth and basis to the threat Islam poses today!Jesus vs.

Jihad will help you: Gain a deep biblical undertanding of Islam; Discern the powerful spiritual adversary veiled beneath the guise of "holy war"; Lose the fear of terrorism--knowing that the ultimate victory is in Christ Jesus!