Dawn and the We Love Kids Club

Dawn and the We Love Kids Club
Author: Ann M. Martin
Language English
Pages: 10
ISBN10: 0590470108
Genre: Fiction
Series The Baby-Sitters Club
Goodreads Rating: 3.54
ISBN13: 9780590470100
Published: February 1st 1994 by Scholastic Inc.

Dawn's California baby-sitting club is perfect for her. The We Love Kids Club holds informal meetings, they eat healthy snacks, and they don't keep records. And now, after being interviewed by the local newspaper and TV station, the We Love Kids Club is famous!But fame is not easy for Dawn and her friends.

Their laid-back club is swamped with business. And Dawn's father has just sprung a gigantic - and awful - surprise on her. Dawn thought that moving back to California was going to be a good thing.

But now there's not one good thing about it.