Judges, The Wild West Of The Bible (Firelight Bible Studies Book 2)

Judges, The Wild West Of The Bible (Firelight Bible Studies Book 2)
Author: David Squyres
Language English
Pages: 210
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 4.57
Published: July 29th 2014 by Old Cave Publishing

Howdy! It’s time to saddle up for a ride through some of the most rough and tumble portions of scripture; the book of Judges.

Judges is a critical bridge in the Biblical narrative, taking us from the early pioneers as they ride into the land to the wars with natives. Throughout Judges, God raised up a series of bold sheriffs who would deliver an old west style of justice. Judges, The Wild West Of The Bible, is an energetic guided tour to one of the most exciting books of the Bible. Come ride with me as we meet some real heroes in history, and some of the cruelest villains ever to walk the face of planet earth.

Judges is both fun, and difficult.

This is one book it's good to have someone saddled up beside you to show you the lay of the land.

The horses are ready, your gear is packed, I got you a canteen and some jerky. Let's get riding, partner. And bring a six-shooter, there's some badlands ahead. This guided tour, written an energetic flare, will address some issues Believers wrestle with today, such as: 1. Can I trust and love a God who ordered the Hebrews to kill all the people in the land? 2. Did Jephthah sacrifice his own daughter? Is God good with that? Would God ask the same of us? 3. Can God heal the pain of a broken family? 4. Is there a way back to God after I've messed up big time? 5.

If I believe, why do I doubt? Judges contains the best single chapter of the Bible devoted to raising Godly children. Alright, Saddle up.