Reading the Bible Through New Covenant Eyes

Reading the Bible Through New Covenant Eyes
Author: Alan Bondar
Language English
Pages: 338
ISBN10: 1448984289
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.50
ISBN13: 9781448984282
Published: March 29th 2010 by America Star Books

What if the Bible wasn't written to you? What if all Biblical prophecy has been fulfilled? What if the world will never end? Reading the Bible Through New Covenant Eyes is about learning to read the Bible contextually and the necessary implication that the coming of Christ has already occurred. This book is controversial and will no doubt affect the contemporary church and world. This book will forever change how we think and live, and most importantly, how we understand the Bible. / "I can endorse this book because it is bold. It is a step, I believe, in the right directionA[a�A]it's a must-read."--Samuel M. Frost / "In this important bookA[a�A]Bondar meets the challenges of most of the futurist eschatologies, demonstrating their failure to honor the actual text of ScriptureA[a�A]the author offers in-depth analysis of some of the more difficult end-times passages and offers solid analysis that will open your understanding in a wonderful way. There is something here for everyone."--Don K. Preston