American Ginseng & Companions (Into the Ginseng Wood Book 4)

American Ginseng & Companions (Into the Ginseng Wood Book 4)
Author: Madison Woods
Language English
Pages: 110
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: July 29th 2015 by Wild Ozark, LLC

Color Photos of Ginseng & Companions American Ginseng & Companions includes more than 70 photos of American ginseng and the habitat companions, as well as photos of the Ozarks that surround the habitats where the plants are photographed. It tracks the life of the companions and ginseng from unfurling in early spring to ripening fruit in late summer. There is also a chapter on the Ozark plants called ginseng look-alikes. This is the full collection of photos from the “Into the Ginseng Wood” series now presented in a single traditional Kindle format. It contains two additional chapters that are not available in the series. It’s also available as paperback with color photos. The first three chapters are available each a separate Kindle book, with full-size pages that require no double-tapping. This listing is the whole collection in a single traditional Kindle format where the photos need to be double-tapped to enlarge. It is a photo essay collection of favorite photographs taken over the years, throughout the seasons, in the ginseng habitats here at Wild Ozark, and compares the progression of seasons to the Maiden-Mother-Crone progression of a woman's life. It's not a "how to" book. Some of the photos are also in my other two ginseng-related books, Sustainable Ginseng and DIY Ginseng Habitat and Assessment Guide.