Latitude 87.7

Latitude 87.7
Author: Paul H. Landes
Language English
Pages: 340
Genre: Thriller
Goodreads Rating: 4.33
Published: August 2013 by Hunter and Gatherer Publishing Company

From the author of the critically acclaimed novel Wings to Redemption comes the thrilling second book in the Alex Boudreau Adventure series! Greed… Power… Money… Viral Weapons… Politics… Entwined with Passion. Benjamin Hunter, philanthropist, businessman and adventurer has been mysteriously kidnapped and becomes the subject of a world wide manhunt. What does he know about a weapons-grade virus with the potential to kill millions? Can Alex find him before international intelligence agencies—and the people intent on killing him? Alex Boudreau, spy, black ops expert and notorious double agent blames herself for Benjamin’s baffling disappearance. Alex fights her inner demons and a past laden with deceit and scattered dreams, as she races against time and covert intelligence agencies to find the love of her life and bring him home—safely. Her search leads her through the dense jungles of Western Africa, deep inside the computer network of a politically connected defense contractor, until finally, she finds herself in the middle of the highest, windiest, coldest, driest and loneliest continent on Earth—Antarctica. What she finds there could impact the world—forever