Foehammer - Case File 1: A Paranormal FBI Mystery Novel

Foehammer - Case File 1: A Paranormal FBI Mystery Novel
Author: Lorena Black
Language English
Pages: 45
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.20
Published: October 30th 2016 by Jaume Viladrosa

Richard Donovan – an exhilarating FBI agent with a dark past. Lillian Lawson – at the heart of a mystery blacker than the moon night. Bishop, New Hampshire –lost in the lunar world of the lycanthropes and shapeshifters. “I’ve been looking for a great paranormal detective mystery, and Lorena Black delivers! Supernatural detectives and mythical beasts come together perfectly for the first installment in a promising FBI mystery series!” ~Julie The Foehammer Act has created an America where vampires, werewolves, elves, orcs, and other haunting creatures are now citizens of the United States, with all of the rights, protections, and privileges afforded the human. It’s a new world order, and it’s anything but orderly! When FBI Agent Richard Donovan comes back from a near death experience, he doesn’t expect to get tossed into the deep end of things, but that is exactly what happens. After years of being a successful agent, he gets the promotion he never wanted as the lead investigator for a team of paranormal detectives who have to investigate all crimes done by and against America’s supernatural citizens.

Brand new to the paranormal FBI investigation game, Donovan has to travel to werewolf country, USA, to figure out why Lillian Lawson, a werewolf, killed her human family. It seems to be fairly cut and dry. Werewolves kill people all the time, right? It’s not that hard to picture one going lunar on her own family. But when he gets to Bishop, New Hampshire, Donovan realizes the facts don’t add up, and Lillian, no matter how wolfish she can get, doesn’t come across as a killer. When Deputy Sharon Morris tells him that the ghost of Lillian’s husband doesn’t believe it either, he realizes that there is more to this werewolf mystery than meets the eye.