A Sissy Story: WPC Domination

A Sissy Story: WPC Domination
Author: Sabrina Jen Mountford
Language English
Genre: Erotica
Goodreads Rating: 4.36

Craig has a habit of speeding, he's on nine points and when he's stopped by two serious female police officers he is afraid his charm isn't going to get him off the hook. Sure enough the women seem adamant he has to recieve the official punishment - a ban, until he pleads with them and claims he'll agree to anything. This perks the two women police officers interests, but to his dismay it's not an unofficial fine they are referring to. No, they want him to submit to a merci judicial caning, the sort which will cause permanent scarring and leave him begging for mercy. Desperate, he agrees, but after being taken to the residence of one 'Samantha Burns' he finds himself quickly regretting his willingness to accept this punishment... After he's recieved his judicial caning things go bad to worse because he threatens his punishers with legal action - leading to them deciding a long term spell in their custody is also part of the sentence... Ultimately Dr Eve blurs the lines between what is real and what is reality, how much of his long, painful, humiliating ordeal was real? One things for sure, whatever the circumstances, it seems unlikely Craig Livingstone is going to be speeding on the public highway any time soon! ~ This is an extreme-core BDSM female domination story. This 19,000 word story is not for sensitive readers and contains depictions and themes of:- - Being taken into custody by female police officers - Handcuffing - Having mouth washed out with soap and water - Chastity (Kali's teeth bracelet) - Forced Feminization - Judicial Caning - Dental Torture - Force Feeding - Castration - Penectomy - Hypnosis