Coin of Kings

Coin of Kings
Author: J.S. Bangs
Language English
Genre: Fantasy
Series The Powers of Amur
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: July 1st 2016

Power comes with a price. Navran sits upon the throne of Virnas, recognized by all as the Heir of Manjur and the rightful king of Virnas. He even finds time to develop an interest in a newcomer to his kingdom. But his problems are just beginning. It turns out that the kingdom is nearly bankrupt, and keeping his promises may cost him the most valuable things that he has. Mandhi intends to settle down to advise Navran on matters of the kingdom and the heart. But the scheming Sadja has other ideas. He compels her to come with him to Davrakhanda, robbing Navran of his most trusted advisor, and trapping her in an unfamiliar city. But Davrakhanda has surprises for both of them. And Kirshta, the slave and sometimes disciple of the corrupt thikratta Ruyam, begins his quest for power and enlightenment.

He will march across Amur making new allies and new enemies, and may unlock the secrets of the thikratta's power on the door of the imperial palace itself.