Orphan Station

Orphan Station
Author: John G. Kent
Language English
ISBN10: 9780993728
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: March 2014 by John Kent

Those on Orphan Station were hardened officers, working to ensure the safe and efficient transition of passengers traveling from Earth to the new colony in the Eta Cassiopeia star system. They certainly weren’t prepared for the arrival of Selene Sotana. When her father died, the military men of Orphan Station became Selene’s family, the corridors of the station her playground.

There, Selene could be princess or cosmonaut, destined for greatness as she found new ways to save the universe from space pirates and aliens. Selene’s life was perfect until the day the captain called on her to save a real ship. Could she be the hero of her dreams? More importantly, could she keep her secrets from the passengers she saved?