A Man Called Crow (Black Horse Western)

A Man Called Crow (Black Horse Western)
Author: Chris Adam Smith
Language English
Pages: 160
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.92
Published: June 30th 2016 by Robert Hale

Old time lawman Charlie Crow finds peace and tranquility in Wyoming, but before he can settle down with the woman he loves, he must face a distant and dangerous past. The long forgotten trail leads back to the law Texas borderlands and a date with destiny. Old ghosts, graves and range wars; greed and double cross mark the long trail back to his youth. His quick gun is wanted one last time if the town of Carol Creek is to survive the threatened chaos. From behind a county badge, Crow tries desperately to ride out the storm and return to Cheyenne, and the woman he left behind. Young gunfighter Billy Joe Watts rides hard on the lawman’s tail, determined to kill the one man he fears. It is a long, hard ride for a man named Crow…