Mother of the Bride

Mother of the Bride
Author: Esmeralda Greene
Language English
Pages: 30
Genre: The United States Of America
Goodreads Rating: 3.40
Published: October 16th 2014 by

Esmeralda Greene takes us on a wild erotic ride as we follow the rollicking sexual exploits of a plucky forty-something woman on the day of her daughter's marriage. A daughter's wedding day is likely to be a stressful time for any woman, but for Erica there's an added complication: the fact that Cody, her daughter's fiancé, has secretly been Erica's lover for the past three years. Erica is thinking that her affair with Cody will end with the marriage, but with the wedding than an hour away, Cody gives her a very physical demonstration of how much he still lusts after his soon-to-be mother in law. Meanwhile, Erica's straight-laced daughter is constantly reminding her that she needs to be more prim and proper; that she needs to start "acting her age." But Erica is a woman who's too full of life to follow that advice. And on this surprise-filled day, she finds herself accosted on all sides by both men and women who may be half her age, but who still find her irresistibly sexy! As always with Esmeralda's erotica, the writing in this long short story is elegant and graceful, the characters are fun and sparkling with life, and the sex is joyful, imaginative, and virtually non-stop!